About Me

Hi! I’m a PhD in geology and postdoctoral researcher in planetary sciences working at University Institute of Physics Applied to Sciences and Technologies (University of Alicante). Since I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut and I have always had very interest in natural sciences and enthusiasm by every aspect surrounding the planetary sciences and space exploration. My research is focusing on thermal evolution and structure of the interior of Mars and the geology characterization of several bodies in the Solar System. In 2015, I was awarded a PhD fellowship (Training of University Professors – FPU) by Spanish Ministry of Science, allowing me to start teaching at the university as teaching assistant. This is another of my great motivations: education and scientific outreach activities.

Science Motivations

I am interested in the surface processes, geophysical and geochemical characterization, thermal history and long-term evolution of the terrestrial planets and other bodies of the Solar System.

More specifically, my research encompasses a variety of geological/geophysical studies of the Earth, the Jupiter’s moon Europa, Ceres and Mars. Also, I really enjoy learning about astrobiological topics such as the habitability of rocky /wet/icy bodies.

Beyond Science

I love to learn about other cultures, travel and discover the world. I am always in the company of a camera and I am trying to share my enthusiasm through photography:

Since September 2018 I have been living as a resident and researcher at the historic Residencia de Estudiantes (CSIC, Madrid, Spain), thanks to a full maintenance grant from Madrid City Council, which each year selects 9 young people who stand out for their work in the arts, sciences or humanities.

Since 1910 the Residencia de Estudiantes is a cultural centre of great relevance in the history of Spain, and was founded to provide accommodation for students along the lines of classic colleges at Bologna, Salamanca, Cambridge or Oxford. It became established as a cultural institution that helped foster and create the intellectual environment of Spain’s brightest young thought leaders, writers, and artists. The students there included Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel and Federico García Lorca. Distinguished guests and speakers included Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Juan Ramón Jiménez or Rafael Alberti.